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Hello Everyone,

Here’s the semi-realistic take on Vegeta Statue from Dragon Ball Z anime and manga. Vegeta is one of the characters in the 3D DragonBall Z collectibles I’ve made. I wanted to create a different kind of Vegeta Statue sculpture. Honestly, I wasn’t a big fan of Vegeta, but many of my fans wanted to see me sculpting his statue and I couldn’t let my fans down. But I can’t deny he’s a cool character while I enjoyed sculpting him. Perhaps the process of the research and the sculpting brought me closer to the character. In my early researches, I noticed Vegeta statues portrayed him fighting the main villains in the series, therefore I paid attention to the stage where Vegeta initially encountered Goku. Since Vegeta had drastic evolution in the series, I expect him to evolve even further.

I know my statue might not work for everyone and not everyone would welcome a semi-realistic face. But I still received decent attention from many fans. My take on Vegeta was an epic and more serious one. I love the anime looks and the eyes inside the animation and manga. That’s the signature of the DragonBall Z brand which We all fell in love with. However, on statues, I see them as dolls rather than serious and mean warriors. I felt the design works in the realm of fantasy and animation. I love Dragon Ball Z anime series and I’ll continue with my Dragon Ball Z collectible series as well.

I sculpted Vegeta Statue in Zbrush and rendered it on 3Dsmax Mental ray.


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