Book Cover Illustration & Book Cover Design

It’s a natural behavior for readers to pick books by the book cover images. Book cover illustrations and designs create curiosity just like the synopsis on back of the books. The Illustrations, the design and the colors depict mood, genre and even the timeline of stories. Book cover designs and illustrations, not only deliver the correct representations of each book, but they also serve a greater purpose in the marketing point of view.

Also most dominant book cover designs and illustrations distinguish themselves from the rest of the books in the book shelves. Book covers designs and illustrations are engaged in marketing and exposure competition. Book covers tend to compete with one another to grab the attention of readers as fast as possible. They need to be unique and raise great deal of interest in the viewers.

Book cover illustration

Generally, when I receive a commission from a client, I begin with presenting concepts and sketches based on the client’s ideas. I try to include the most important elements and least elements to present the story. Sometimes, there is a specific point in the story that creates great deal of curiosity and interest and I might decide to illustrate that scene. I provide sketches of characters, places and props that are included in the book cover. Then as we form the general art direction, I move on to book cover design composition, framing, color theme.

Also the book title and typography is very important and must be related to the story and the illustration artwork. Same as the rest of the process, I start with early concepts and sample to reach the final book cover title.

In addition to the book cover design, I can also present a motion graphic teaser plus original music, to promote the book on Social media such as Instagram and Youtube.

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