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Learning more about the creative process behind creation my work

Making of Transformers Hot Rod Statue – Tsaber

Hello Everyone, In this article I wish to explain the process of creating the Hot Rod statue inspired by the Transformers series. The fans have seen a couple of great designs and recreations of Hotrod from Threezero, XM studios and Imaginarium Arts. The designs were amazing and delicately created by master 3D sculptors. They all [...]

Making of Hermes Statue Zbrush – Blood of Zeus – Tsaber

Hello Everyone, I was very entertained by the Original Netflix anime series "Blood of Zeus". Some may consider the series kind of underrated, but it had a strong plot. I always entertain the mythological tales and movies, whether they're related to Greek, Norse, Persian, or Egyptian mythology. As the series was so inspiring, I decided [...]

Making of Raphael statue – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Tsaber

Hello everyone, This post explains the making of Raphael statue from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles / TMNT animation series and comic book. Just like many fans, I grew up watching the series and as a kid, I was crazy about the show. Raph was my favorite character since I loved his red theme color [...]

Making of Hades Statue Zbrush – Blood of Zeus – Tsaber

Hello Everyone, I’ll show another workflow of how I sculpt and this time I'll be sculpting Hades statue collectible from Netflix’s original anime series “Blood of Zeus”. I admire the creativity and effort the creative team of Powerhouse Animation Studio has put into the character design. I was always were fascinated with Hades and I’m [...]

Making of Apollo Zbrush – Blood of Zeus – Tsaber

Hello Everyone, Here I’ll show the workflow of how I made Apollo Zbrush bust from Netflix’s original anime series “Blood of Zeus”. I should thank the talented team of Powerhouse Animation Studio that brought us so much joy through their efforts. You may check out the final renders and results of APOLLO here. I wanted [...]

Making of 80’s Incredible Hulk Statue – Zbrush 3D Modelling – Tsaber

Hello Everyone, To this day, I still love Hulk only from the 80's Incredible Hulk animated series. I love the colors, the music theme, the excitement. For some reason, I don't get the same energy from the recent movies and comic books of Hulk. So I'll be sculpting 3D statue of 80's Hulk. You may [...]

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