Zbrush 3D Sculpting Tutorials

3D Sculpting workflow of figurines and statues

Zbrush Sculpting of Raven Statue from DC Comics

In these two part videos, you see the process of sculpting of the power Raven from Teen Titans.

Zbrush Sculpting of Demon Warrior – Tyranok

Tyranok is part of the fantasy series “Tales of Evoran” that I scuclpted for Glory Collectibles.

Sculpting Demon Bust – Zbrush Tutorial Timelapse – Tsaber

This video simply shows the workflow of how to sculpt a complex organic demon face from scratch inside Zbrush program

Zbrush Sculpting of Tyranok’s Axe

In this video I show how I sculpted the Tyranok’s axe. Tyranok is part of the fantasy series “Tales of Evoran”.

Polypaint Demon Skin in Zbrush – Tsaber

Here’s a quick look at how I polypainted this demon face and skin inside Zbrush. In this video, you’ll see how anyone can create a realistic demon and dragon-like skin texture within Zbrush.

Zbrush Sculpting – Bryox the Barbarian Warrior

Titaridus – Lord of the dead

Zbrush Sculpting timelapse – Thorous the Dwarf warrior

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