3D Zbrush Statue and Sculpture

As I was always a great fan of Fantasy and sci-fi genres, sculpting complex characters in such genres was a passion of mine. I sculpt Statues and sculptures of original characters and fan based characters from comic book, manga, anime and movies. Gladly in the recent years, the fans appreciate Zbrush statues and sculpture more than ever. The demand for such 3D Zbrush statues are growing larger.

Therefore, I receive commissions from companies that wish to create characters of their brands, creative writers that wish to bring life to the characters they write and also enthusiastic fans that simply wish to fill their shelves with the most unique collectible statues.

Generally, whenever I receive a commission, I begin with presenting concepts based on the client’s ideas. I provide sketches and quick sculpts in Zbrush program. Then as we form the general art direction, I move on with refinements and details of the statue and the sculpture.

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