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Hello everyone,

I’m hyped for this year’s upcoming events in the realm of entertainment. Gladly and luckily I could participate on a few projects that will be shared with people. Since I often take Book Cover Design commissions and I get to explore a lot from book publishing industry.

As a book cover artist I was asked by my dear friend Mark ( M. G. Unger) to illustrate a book cover design for his latest story that he wrote. I had an amazing experience working with him. Gladly the process of the book’s editing is near its completion and so I considered that now is the time to shed some light on what M. G. Unger has been doing last year. Of course this is a two part story and this summer we get to read the first part of the story on his first book. I’m glad that M. G. Unger decided to order a book cover design, because I was introduced to a whole new Sci-Fi Saga.

The world M. G. Unger created in his latest book Divided and Enhanced 2124, happens in a very distant future, where the world is evolved beyond imagination to its highest glory and yet it contradicts with the corruption of Mankind’s greed. This is the story of mankind’s inner struggles while trying to survive in the real world. The way I see it, this is the story that good men must work within the shadows, meanwhile falsehood and greed has become the law. I will update everyone more about the story. I’ve been working on promotional posters and other promotional items. So there’s much more to talk about the book Divided and Enhanced 2124.

After finishing the book cover design commission for my good friend M. G. Unger for his book Divided and Enhanced 2124, we continued to design promotional banners for the book and for the characters.


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