Android 18 statue - Dragon Ball Z collectibles

Hello everyone, Here are my colored renders of Android 18 statue from Dragon Ball Z anime and manga series. I wanted to create a semi realistic look of Android 18 statue. So Android 18 statue is the third statue sculpture in my DBZ aka Dragon Ball Z collectibles. There are already different Android 18 statues , Zbrush sculptures and collectibles created by amazing and talented artists. So as always, it was a challenge to begin with; but initially had a clear vision.
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Android 18 statue art direction and brainstorming

I decided to add different elements to the base to tell Android 18’s story as well. Showing the Android 18’s capsule was a necessity. The Japanese patterns and the Dragon Ball orbs on the base, depicts the theme of Dragon Ball Z franchise. Also I implemented damages, the debris and the torn cables to depict a battle scene. Of course Android 18 is the only character on the base, but it can be sensed that she’s in a battle scene.
Another challenge was to create an acceptable semi realistic look for Android 18 statue. Personally I enjoy work of artist who take original ideas and refine them to create their very own artwork. That indicates that they’re adding more value to the concept and create something new. Usually there’s nothing right or wrong in art since it brings joy. But sadly not all the fans welcome such ideas and don’t share the same understanding. Personally I enjoyed working on Android 18 statue and I’m happy with the result. Hopefully the fans will like my statue collectible art.
Android 18 is sculpted in Zbrush and then rendered in 3DSmax using Mental Ray.
You may find the clay renders of Android 18 Zbrush sculpture HERE on my website.
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