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Hello everyone,

I had a pleasure to work with HL-Collectibles, on 3D sculpting of Gon VS Pitou statue collectible from Hunter X Hunter anime and manga series. I’m very glad I could finally reveal more of Hunter X Hunter Statue I’ve been working on for the past couple of weeks. It was a challenging process to bring a 2D anime characters to life as a 3D statue collectibles.

Gladly the direction of Gon VS Pitou 3D statue collectible was very straight forward. The scene illustrates the very moment of these two characters face one another in the anime and manga series. While not so many artists tackled the subject of Gon VS Pitou from Hunter X Hunter, we still wanted to create something unique. The direction was to depict Gon’s triumph over Pitou. Therefore I tried to get some inspiration from classic roman statues to create a dramatic mood as well.

Also I experimented a lot with the hair, since we had to create an amazing form for Gon’s hair and also make an easy cut so that we won’t see any seam lines. For now, Gon VS Pirou’s Anime statue collectible will be available in 1/4 scale. Perhaps the decision will be changed in near future. I surely will post more updates.

Gon VS Pitou statue was sculpted in Zbrush and rendered in 3DSmax using Mental Ray. I hope the fans like my work.
You may find the portrait render of GON and PITOU on my previous posts. I will surely have more renders to reveal which I’ll be posting soon.
HL collectible is a private community of friends that like to have their very own fan based and pop culture statue collections.
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