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Hello Everyone,

Cheetor statue is one of the early works I worked on inspired by the Beast Wars series. Beast Wars was one of the great series that tremendously changed the world of transformers. The series introduced us to deep and complex characters. I’ve enjoyed greatly creating an updated version of Cheetor as I preserved the original look. However I wanted to recreate a modern version of the character that is new and yet loved by the fans. It was a little bit challenging to add the fur texture blending with the shiny metal armor to preserve the model look. I’ll definitely continue working on characters from the Beast wars series, such as other members of heroic Maximals, Optimus Primal, Tigatron, Rattrap, Airazor, and Dinobot.

Cheetor Transformers Rise of the beasts

I had a great excitement for the movie as I expected to see the Maximals. In fact I really like the redesign of Cheetor in the movie; however the movie carried its own disappointment. Not only my friend and I were the only two people watching the movie in the cinema, its plot was very disheartening and hardly engaging. Optimus Prime wasn’t really as heroic and iron-willed as we remembered him. We also get to see only a few seconds of Cheetor’s robot look. In fact we hardly witness any interactions from the character.

I think Hasbro has changed dramatically since the 80’s. The quality of the figures has dropped down tremendously. The stories aren’t as amazing to encourage the audience to buy the figures, collectibles. I understand the whole franchise is meant to be a commercial project, but it had values and I see most of them have been diminished by the new direction of the company. Well that’s something very apparent to the eyes of an old fan like me to see the transformation through the years. That may seem very different to the eyes of the new audiences. We’re witnessing reissuing the old figures an effective strategy to keep the franchise alive.

Cheetor statue was created inside Zbrush and it was rendered with Mental Ray inside 3DSmax.


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