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Dinobot Statue - Beast Wars Transformers - Tsaber

Hello everyone,

So I finally I managed to finish my Dinobot Statue. I’m and always will a big fan of Beast wars Transformers series. I hope people will like Beast wars Transformers series as much as I did. I know not all Transformers fans, liked Beast wars series. I love every character in Beast Wars series. Dinobot is one of the most favorite characters among the fans. I always enjoyed creating and drawing big robots fighting each other. I guess boys will be boys.

Dinobot Statue is a personal sculpture I made. This is a prototype Dinobot statue. I plan to create and sculpt a more detailed Dinobot statue. Soon after this, I plan to sculpt Optimus Primal as well.

Dinobot statue is sculpted in Zbrush and rendered with Mental Ray in 3DSmax.


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