Scorpion Bust Zbrush - Mortal Kombat Collectibles -Tsaber

Hello everyone,

Here’s my take on Scorpion 3d Bust from Mortal Kombat franchise. Frankly it was my friend’s suggestion to sculpt Scorpion. I always enjoyed Mortal Kombat Video games and even the classic movies. But It wasn’t on top of my favorite list. My friend is a big fan of Mortal Kombat. So I decided to sculpt Scorpion but. I really like Scorpion since he’s so wicked and cool.

**** Dear fans may use Scorpion bust only for personal purposes and entertainment. Scorpion bust may NOT be used for commercial purposes or reselling. ****

Scorpion bust was sculpted in Zbrush and it was rendered with 3Dsmax Mental Ray.


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