Superman Statue - DC collectibles 3D print model

Hello everyone!

MoonX is space scifi saga written by Clare M. Nguyen. The story is not finished yet, so I don’t fully know the whole story… which in my point of view it is also thrilling, since I always like to find out everything while reading the actual book in my hands. Unfortunately that doesn’t leave me with much to tell you about the story. I know the story takes place in a distant galaxy, on an undiscovered and unknown moon. The story narrates from a human who finds himself on this moon by accident and he calls it MoonX. As he gets discovered by the princess of the moon colony, he finds new thrilling adventures and challenges. I also know the lightsaber-like sword plays a great role in the story.

As for the effects of lightsaber and stars, i’ve used Adobe After Effects particular Trapcode.

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