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Harley Quinn – DC Comics Statue

Hello Everyone,

Introducing the stunning 3D statue of Harley Quinn, a captivating fan art piece inspired by the iconic character from DC Comics. This was an exceptional piece that I made based on requests of many fans. Fans may get the 3D STL files from my Fundrazr campaign here:


Created with meticulous attention to detail using Zbrush, this statue is an exquisite representation of Harley Quinn’s unique personality and style.

I tried to make sure the sculpture showcases the dynamic and playful nature of Harley Quinn. From her mischievous grin to her signature pigtails, every aspect of her character has been beautifully captured in this piece. The intricate sculpting brings out the depth and complexity of her costume, highlighting the vibrant colors and intricate patterns.

Crafted specifically for 3D printing purposes, Harley Quinn statue is designed to be a perfect addition to any collector’s shelf or display. The high-quality printing ensures that every intricate detail is faithfully reproduced, making it a true collector’s item for fans of Harley Quinn and DC Comics.

Whether you are an avid fan of the character or a collector of unique sculptures, this 3D printed statue is sure to impress. It serves as a testament to the talent and creativity behind fan art, bringing beloved characters to life in three-dimensional form.

Add a touch of mischief and excitement to your collection with this exceptional 3D sculpture of Harley Quinn Chatterer. Embrace the spirit of this iconic character and showcase your love for DC Comics in style.



T. Saber

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