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Hello everyone,

Harley Quinn was one of the most iconic and favorite characters of DC Comics fans, therefore I wanted to bring some joy to the fans by sculpting a Harley Quinn statue. Of course, I still prefer Joker, Mr. Freeze, and Bane as the main Batman Villains. That’s my personal choice though, but I know many fans are hyped about Harley Quinn and her movie. As for the design, I tried to come up with a new outfit design for the Harley Quinn statue. I kept the color theme close to the original design, yet I tried to add some steampunk elements to her outfit.

One of my difficulties was to include the jester cowl while keeping Harley Quinn’s face attractive. So I decided to show some hair as well without ruining the whole image. Later on, I realized that the fans preferred Harley Quinn without the cowl, but unfortunately I was caught with other projects and didn’t get to change it.

As for the base and the general theme of the statue collectible, I intended to create a combination of Gothic and modern neon elements. I realized it might be difficult for the fans to print the neon parts, therefore I stayed with the Gothic elements.

I intended to bring some joy to the fans and therefore I made it available for the fans to download and print Harley Quinn. Sadly few people from China and Brazil began abusing and reselling my work. That left me with terrible memories of these individuals. I do not support such corrupted and harmful culture and I won’t be trusting them anymore. I honestly don’t support this behavior of waking up in the morning to see how to steal from people by any means. Apparently, democracy has given more freedom to crime nowadays. People should have mutual respect in the first place so that a system creates a better organization. But I think that’s just an unreachable dream in such a greedy and unintelligent world.

Harley Quinn 3d model sculpture was sculpted in Zbrush and it was rendered with Mental ray Inside 3DSmax.


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