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Hello Everyone,

Here are the colored renders of Frieza Statue Collectible from the famous DragonBall Z Anime series and Manga, sculpted by me T. saber. I found Frieza a challenging character to sculpt since I wanted to create a semi-realistic look. While I wanted to capture an organic alien creature, I had to maintain the anime look as well. I usually enjoy working on organic characters and creatures since I get to experiment a lot with the design. In this particular case, I had to stay close to the original design and not getting too far from the anime look. Some designs like Frieza make perfect sense in the anime world, but it’s very hard to capture them in real life.

So for these particular reasons, I postponed working on Frieza. Since many fans insisted on me sculpting him, I finally decided to do so and make the fans happy. In the end, I was also satisfied with the result and the feedback of the fans was so motivating. I thank all my fans once more for all their support throughout the years.

Frieza Statue is sculpted inside Zbrush and it was rendered inside 3DSmax using Mental Ray.


Taregh Saber / Tsaber

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