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Hello everyone,

Aaricia Statue is my second 3d sculpture I’ve made for Thorgal statue collectibles. Aaricia is a major character in Thorgal comic book series that is very popular in the Europe and a great classic. While I initially was new to the Thorgal comic book series, I managed to connect to the story quickly. I really enjoyed the classic theme and the artwork of the comic book. It’s a really nice fantasy story with some really interesting twists.

I really enjoyed working on Aaricia Statue since Thorgal comic book portrayed the Nordic culture. Norse mythology has many mysteries and that gave me the chance to do a lot of experimenting as well on the details. I added many Nordic jewelry and accessories to Aaricia, giving more exposure to her. The popularity of Nordic mythology has increased during recent years that even famous games such as God of Was and Assassin’s Creed shifted to Nordic culture.

My good friend, whom I made this statue for, showcased it on his Instagram profile:@epic_statues

I sculpted Aaricia statue in Zbrush and rendered it on 3Dsmax Mental ray. I hope you enjoyed my work.



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