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Introducing the Shera Statue, an exclusive custom sculpture, from MOTU franchise. Shera, princess Adora, is part of the classic fantasy animation series, Masters of The Universe. Crafted with meticulous detail using cutting-edge Zbrush technology, this one-of-a-kind sculpture is a true fan art treasure.

Shera – The Warrior Princess

Adora is the daughter of King Randor and Queen Marlena and twin sister of Adam. As part of the Masters of the Universe, She lives on planet Eteria. As the wielder of the Sword of Power, she gains the powers from the mystic Castle Greyskull and transforms herself into a powerful warrior known as Shera. With holding such power, Shera finds herself devoted to fighting against the evil horde led by Hordak.

Initially she finds herself alone in her journey, therefore she keeps her identity “Shera” a secret. The cities and villages are being watched and governed by the soulless horde robots. Adora stays cautious as she walks though shadows, remaining hidden from the radar of the Horde’s surveillance. Only that way, she can see to the people who need help. While the Army of Hordak keeps oppressing the villages and cities, Shera passes through each place, using each identity in the appropriate situation. Sometimes she looks into the matters as Adora, and sometimes when the danger rises and lives are being threatened, she is forced to reveal her inner warrior, Shera. As she battles the hardships to overcome the forces of evil, she finds formidable, talented and loyal allies who help her with her campaign.

Shera’s Powers and Abilities

Shera’s primary weapon is the sword of Power that seems to be indestructible and deflects almost all kinds of physical, elemental or magical attacks. Her body renders the same features and with her enormous strength, the enemies have no chance of defeating Shera. Although just like He-man, Shera uses her intelligence to outsmart her opponents.

You may request and order this extraordinary piece of art via my contact page. You may display it proudly in your collection and let the power of Shera inspire you every day.

Shera statue was created inside Zbrush and it was rendered with Mental Ray inside 3dsmax.


T. Saber

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