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American Star - Zbrush Superhero Statue - Tsaber

Hello Everyone,
Here’s my latest Zbrush statue commission called American Star . She’s an original female superhero character created by amazing Rusty Barron. I enjoyed sculpting this character Statue. She’s a young cheerful and optimistic character and yet very powerful. I tried to incorporate all the aspect of the character. I really enjoy working on original characters, sadly they usually receive less attention. Yet that’s the area I enjoy the most, to play around with ideas and concepts. That’s where I can truly be creative.
So idea behind American Star was to show her might a while as her charm and cuteness. So always I sketched concept arts and provided the body pose. The body pose is a general classic one, but works well. I also enjoy working on capes. There’s something about the natural flow of the cape that brings more life to the statue.
Follow The original page of Rusty Barron:
American Star Zbrush statue was sculpted in Zbrush and it was rendered with 3Dsmax Mental Ray.
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