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Undead Mage- Zbrush Undead character Sculpture - Tsaber

Hello everyone,

So after a long time, I’ve managed to sculpt my undead Mage as one of my original character designs. The undead mage character sculpture was one of my concepts which I digitally painted in Photoshop many years ago. He’s part of my Legion of the Fallen series that includes mostly Dark fantasy undead characters. You may see the post HERE. I always prefer working on my original characters. I have more room to play around with ideas. Also, people seem to be less judgmental about them. Not everyone entertains innovative ideas on fan art sculptures, therefore I enjoy sculpting original concepts.

The general approach to the character was to create a design far from other undead franchises such as World of Warcraft, Warhammer, Dungeon & Dragons, and Disciples. Of course, I admire those fantasy worlds and they were a massive inspiration to me, yet I wanted to invent my version of an undead mage. I initially didn’t want to sculpt an immensely powerful dark fantasy character, however, I wanted to preserve a great amount of intimidation and fear to the character. This undead mage is a lightly armored character. Actually, I used the armor more to create an Intimating look.

I tried to keep the magic power as dark as possible. I know nowadays many videogames include bright colors even for dark characters that help to create a more dominant and bold look. Personally, I wanted to keep the dark element as much as possible. I should mention I’ve used a fire stock image from DEVIANTART to illustrate the magic effect.
Undead mage statue sculpture was sculpted in Zbrush and rendered in 3DSmax using Mental Ray. I hope the fans like my work.

You may see the colored renders of the undead character HERE.

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