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Thorgal Statue collectible - Fantasy comicbook character - Tsaber

Hello everyone,

Thorgal Statue collectible is a Zbrush sculpture commission I made for my client and my good friend. Throgal statue collectibles fantasy comic book character by the same name “Thorgal”. The story is a great classic and related to Norse mythology and some additional elements which I won’t be spoiling here. I wish that in recent years, more promising and original stories get introduced to people, instead of commercial content since those stories will always be valuable.

The art direction of the project was simply to create a scene directly from the comic book, therefore our direction was very clear. Obviously, the scene is so iconic in the story that it gets on the cover of one of the issues. The scene shows that the young Thorgal grabs a sword to fight a creature. Of course, this scene is one of the early stages of the story and we get to see a lot of as the story progresses.

I had a couple of challenges along the way to sculpt Thorgal. First I had to get the posture done right since the body proportions are different than the real kid. Also, I had to make sure the face matches the artwork since I had to deal with many references. Finally, I had to get the fur effect done right and it took me a great amount of time to do so.

You may see previous clay renders of Throgal statue HERE.
Thorgal Statue collectible was sculpted inside Zbrush and it was rendered in 3Dsmax Using Mental ray. I hope everyone will enjoy my 3D Thorgal digital sculpting.
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