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Tetsuo Statue - Akira Anime Collectibles - Tsaber

Hello Everyone,

Here’s another commission I’ve done for my good Friend @epic_statues. I got the chance to sculpt Tetsuo statue from all time favorite feature Anime movie “Akira”. Maybe in the future I get to sculpt Akira Statue. As I loved the anime, I found this project very fun and not challenging. The general look of Tetsuo is simple, which is necessary for animation. It’s almost impossible to animate and draw frame by frame a detailed character. Gladly I was working on a 3d program therefore I could add detail as much as I wanted. I modified the boots and made the mechanical arm very detailed.

This was my first time I sculpted a mechanical project Inside Zbrush. I usually 3d model hard surfaces and mechanical parts inside 3dsmax since I have more experience with it. Also, 3dsmax provides me with more accuracy. I’m still very happy to experiment and work on Tetsuo’s mechanical arm inside Zbrush. Usually I welcome new and productive experiences. Hopefully I get to sculpt more characters from Akira anime in the future.

Tetsou statue was sculpted with Zbrush and it was rendered with Mental Ray inside 3DSmax


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