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Superman 3d model - DC Comics Statue and bust - Tsaber

Hello everyone,

Here are few render images of my superman 3d model statue and bust. I sculpted Superman statue for 3d print purposes. It was an enjoyable experience to work on superman 3d model . I know many people are great fan of Superman. I tried to stay loyal to the classic design and also add my own personal touch. I believe Superman design in Injustice video game series was a bit extreme. Of course I still love the creativity in the design, But it didn’t want apply drastic changes to the design.

I decided to sculpt both full body statue and bust versions of superman 3d model. I feel the face was a great challenge. It’s so difficult to come up with a new face design and yet it still looks like superman. I think It’s always safe to stay loyal to the original face.

I’ve sculpted Superman Statue in Zbrush and rendered the 3d model using Mental Ray inside 3Dsmax.

you can see other models that i sculpted on Tsaber.com. I hope you like my works.

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