3D Sculpture, 3D Zbrush Statue

Shera Statue - Masters of The Universe

Hello Everyone,

Here’s my version of Shera statue based on the vintage 80’s He-man and Masters of The Universe animation series. I was a great fan of He-man and Shera animation series. I believe that’s the most favorite series after Transformers that I could easily keep watching forever.

I initially wanted to start the project as a practice project, however, I ended up refining Shera and the base. I remember more ideas came into my mind as I move forward. The moment I considered the project as a practice, the more fun and creative it became. As usual, I ended up pushing the limits and raised the bar. I wanted to create something that fans would love and remember.

Shera statue was created inside Zbrush and it was rendered with Mental Ray inside 3dsmax.


T. Saber

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