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Night Elf 3d sculpture - Warcraft Fan Art - Tsaber

Hello Everyone,

This 3d sculpture is my depiction of a night elf archer inspired by the Warcraft video game franchise. I was always a great fan of the Warcraft games, specifically the classic ones. The world of Warcraft has brought so much joy to the fans, but I feel the new arcs have lost the touch of the rich classic stories. The designs of the characters were such a huge inspiration to me back in the day. The designs were so iconic. Therefore after so many years of practicing, I decided to create a Night elf archer with my own touch.

This project was a great challenge for me which I really enjoyed. I learn many things by overcoming obstacles in every design and every project.

Night elf 3d sculpture is created inside Zbrush and it was rendered with Mental Ray inside 3dsmax.


T. Saber

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