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Death Knight Statue collectibles- Myths of Valor - Tsaber

Hello Everyone,

This Death Knight statue collectible is part of the fantasy tabletop game called “Myths of Valor”. For those who are a great fan of Dungeons and Dragons, Lord of the Rings, and Warcraft, they can surely find great joy in Myths of Valor. The game presents an epic fantasy world full of adventure. Fans around the world can never get enough of the excitement of fantasy adventures. You may follow the Instagram page (@mythsofvalor) for more updates.

The Death knight presents a great role in the game and I’m very pleased to work on this character. I’m always a great fan of Undead characters, so I really enjoyed working on this 3d statue. He’s a raw brute force of fear and his appearance says it all. It was the clients’ strategy to create a berserker horror, therefore we avoided any fragile and detailed armor. We even decided to make the chains more vicious-looking and thicker. Gladly the clients allowed me to play around with some ideas, therefore I could add some more details to the armor and add some layers of leather. I also played around with the design of the skulls. I simply didn’t want to have plain-looking skulls. Those kinds of touches allow the creators to add a specific culture to the undead race.

For the first time I noticed an undead character holds a lantern, which is surprisingly an interesting idea. I think It’s a frightening surprise to find out a bright light that gets closer is not only a sign of hope but a horrific soulless knight. We also wanted to show a rusty and old character that has been walking the earth to slay the living, for that reason we stay with an earthly color palette.



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