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Darkseid Statue - DC Comics Collectibles - Tsaber

Hello Everyone,

Here’s my Darkseid statue sculpture. This was one of the fun Zbrush Sculpture commission I took. As many fans like Superman, they surely are fan of Darkseid . I always prefer Darkseid over Doomsday. Of course Doomsay is very cool and menacing, but Darksied is more intelligent and cunning. I cannot stop admiring his mischievous and strong will behavior as a villain. Usually I tend to sculpt more impressive and fan art statues for DC Comics Collectibles.

It was a bit of challenge to create a classic looking Darkseid statue collectible while it stands out next to new modern versions we see from big studios. I didn’t realize how amazing the classic Darkseid is. I kept the statue design very simple, but I could implement many details into the base of the sculpture. The cape was an optional touch on the statue. Now I believe it’s an important feature on Darkseid Statue. I think I need to sculpt a classic looking Superman Statue somewhere in the future.
I sculpted Darksied Statue in Zbrush and rendered it on 3Dsmax Mental ray.


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