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Baneful Bloom - Fantasy Female Undead Character - Tsaber

Hello everyone,
Baneful Bloom is another Fantasy Female Undead Character in my Legion of The Fallen series. In this female undead character, I wanted to add great deal of creepiness to the usual undead dark element. In fact, I wanted to raise the level of creepiness and tried to go as wild and as creative as I could.
I wanted to create an unearthly look while showing some human elements as well. I still wanted to preserve some sense of elegance too. The doll looking face and the alien looking body create a great wicked and dark contrast. The pale doll face creates both innocent and yet untrustworthy look. It creates a sense of curiosity that what’s underneath the doll face. Obviously the body reveals the horror beneath the mask. Her body is opened up and serves as wings. I kept her legs as human but I changed her arms into strange looking skeleton arms to create more sense of horror.
Baneful Bloom, the dark fantasy female undead character, is digitally painted in Adobe Photoshop.
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