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3D Undead Mage- Zbrush fantasy statue Sculpture - Tsaber

Hello everyone,

Here in this post, I’m sharing my 3d undead mage sculpture I’ve made before. It was a great experience to 3d model another statue sculpture besides fan art and popular character from comics books. The undead mage an original fantasy character sculpture from my Legion of the Fallen series. You may see the clay renders of 3D Undead statue on my previous post HERE

This was the first time I took poly-painting very seriously. I’ve realized I had to make a great color composition to make bold makeup. That challenged me a lot and I had to do some experiments. I kept going back and forth the texturing and poly-painting. I also had to consider another challenge. I knew once I import the undead mage model into 3DSmax, I may lose some details in the rendering process. That’s the nature of lighting in 3DSmax and on the other hand, Zbrush tends to show things more exaggerating. Therefore I have to estimate the final look of the final rendering.



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